Allow Love to Flow Through You

Accept love and give love.

Allowing love to flow through you and being conscious of the flow ~ is beautful. I often envelope those that are near me in pink energy and love from my heart. When I am with friends or  strangers, I silently tell them that I love them. When I focus on giving love, my shoulders drop and I feel more relaxed and in the moment.

Why do I give love to all? Because I love everyone.

I love everyone because we are all connected. Because I am here to feel love and joy and gratitude. Because loving others is also loving myself.

We are all the same. Our minds are what separate us. And connect us.

Allow love to flow through you today and see what peace it brings you and others near you.

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6 Responses to Allow Love to Flow Through You

  1. karen says:

    thanks for the loving reminder ❤

  2. cipelicelutalice says:


  3. Emma Kate says:

    Love this. Do you mind if I use the image on the Peace Pledge facebook page? (with attribution to you). – E

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