Change how you see, not how you look.

You are perfect just as you are.

Bear with me here. For just like, one minute, don’t listen to that nagging voice that popped into your head when you read that first sentence. Suspend your judgements for at least 60 seconds.

You are perfect. Everything about you in this moment. You are exactly where you need to be, going through exactly what you need to be going through and looking exactly as you should be looking.

It is up to you to see yourself as perfect and accept what is. Change how you see, not how you look.

With the way society is built, it is easy to compare your chin to the ones you see in magazines or your elbows to the ones you see on TV… and think they aren’t good enough. If only you used the same cream as that chin or the same lotion as that elbow… life would be so much better.

My life got better when I decided to accept how I look and not dwell on my imperfect skin or the hair growing on my upper lip or the other one million things I could decide were wrong with me inside and out. I am perfect just as I am.

For me, looking at myself with my heart – I see beauty. Looking at myself with my soul, I see light. 

How do you look at others? We all have inner light. Can you see others not for their outward appearance but for their inner light?

The light shines brightly in all regardless of the fog that obscures it. ~ A Course in Miracles

The light in me, sees the light in you, Friend. Have a wonderful day out there…

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6 Responses to Change how you see, not how you look.

  1. Skippy says:

    Does accepting that I am perfect how I am mean that I should stop striving to change my physical self for the better? I have a healthy self image, but that doesn’t mean that I don’t want to slim down my donut gut just a bit. Mmmm… donuts. 🙂

    • Skippy, that is a great question and I actually deleted my thoughts about that out of the blog entry! Guess I shouldn’t have!

      For me, when I am having days where I TRULY accept myself, I definitely practice self care and watch what I eat and brush my teeth and do the things I like to do to take care of myself.

      I think for me, realizing that I am perfect just the way I am, makes it easier to eat more consciously and make all around better choices.

      And that’s not saying I don’t fall off the wagon and start judging myself sometimes… but when I fall off — I always get back on… thanks, Skippy!

  2. Drew says:

    What a wonderful thought for today. My kids were so sad they cried the other day, because other choir kids got medals for excellent attendance, and they didn’t. I wanted to tell them a bunch of logical reasons why they didn’t need to cry (of course, nothing this insightful). Part of growing up, I guess. Thanks for this post!

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  4. Undercurrent Coaching says:

    This actually brought tears to my eyes when I saw it — how warming. I’m sharing it with all my friends online and via my blog/coaching network. Thank you for the gift.

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