Always Have the Courage to Be Happy!

When I was really sick, before I was diagnosed with MS, I decided that my poor health didn’t have to affect my attitude. I have scrawled on a scrap piece of paper that was next to my bed, the words, “Always have the courage to be happy!”

I think it does take courage to be happy in this day and age. I have to admit, I am delighted when I find a tiny ray of sunshine in our yammering tv or glossy magazine or pounding internet. The social consciousness does not usually fall on the happiness end of the barometer when I am looking.

It takes guts to be happy. It takes nerves of steel to remain joyful in a workplace where people are not happy with their work or their lives or their sports team. It takes cajones to accept your family and still feel grateful and quietly blissful.

It takes courage to choose happiness!

I still need to be mindful of this. Sometimes I forget to choose happiness and I am grumpy and nitpicking and worried. But then something happens and I remember again — I see a bird feeding her babies or a  beautiful leaf or I find a dollar bill or I remember how sick I was in 2009.

How do you choose happiness? How do you remain mindful of picking sunshine? How do you counter the social consciousness when it grabs you and threatens to draw you back into its hovel?

Always have the courage to be happy. (Even when the Klondike bars are chasing you at full speed!)

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Let there be love.

I hope you let in all the things you want and need. Happy day, friend!

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Thoughts are a form of energy…

My thoughts create my reality.

I believe that our thoughts have energy.

What if we all direct that energy at something good?

I imagine wonderful things happening…

What do you think about this? Do you wonder if thoughts are energy?

I’m wishing right now that I had spent more time in physics class…

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Outtakes! (The best part, I think!)

Just like a little kid, watching myself on this video makes me laugh and laugh!

Michelle Morgan is Amazeballs.

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An Interview with Me!

So I was asked to do this video for work. Now you will know what I look like and sound like.

I’m uploading my outtakes next. That shows you who I really am.

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Mind Manifestation

What we think about becomes real in our lives.

I can think about many examples of this in my life. If I focus on being healthy, I am healthier. If I focus on happiness, I feel happier. Where I place my thoughts is what comes about in my life.

The last four or five months, I have focused my attention on moving my happiness set point. I was a relatively happy person before, but now I feel like I am more consistently happy and able to recognize quickly when I am being pulled into the quicksand of negative thinking or sadness.

I think instead of feeling happy 50% of the time like I have for the last few years (before that it was even less), I am now happy 85% of the time. It is amazing how merely focusing on wanting to be happy and tacking a smile on my face even in moments where my ego/brain is telling me life is a mess — has moved me into a happier state.

I believe that we all have to find this on our own for ourselves… but I think it is a mission well worth our time.

When I realized that I don’t have to be controlled by my brain and I can control my brain, I was happier.

Tell me about a time when something you thought all the time manifested in your life. Or tell me about how you work to be happy in your life!

Happy day, dear ones!

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Guess what?

You are somebody’s reason to smile!

Accept it.

Know it.

Love it.

Think about who makes YOU smile!

Appreciate those people for a moment or two or three…

And have a great day!

(YOU are loved.)

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